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Question: heather

My heather belongs to the most common type, (mauve flowers and green twigs). For some time now I have noticed that the branches are turning a brownish color, my heather boxes are on the balcony. Are they wilting? I want to point out that while I keep the soil moist, I hardly ever water them.

Answer: heather

Dear Simona

heather is a small acidophilic shrub, widely cultivated in the garden and on the terrace.

It may happen that at the end of flowering the tips of the small branches that bore the flowers dry up.

In these cases, the small plants are pruned, in order to remove the withered branches to promote the development of new shoots.

Heather is a plant that loves fairly humid environments, this could be the reason for drying up; remember to water regularly, intervening every time the soil is dry, and avoiding stagnation.

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