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Garden facilities

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When we talk about garden structures we refer to all those elements that can be chosen by a customer to complete the outdoor space. Of course, the garden is par excellence the private outdoor environment that must be furnished for comfort so that it can be enjoyed in every season, and not just in summer, in a pleasant way. Those who have a swimming pool and decide to build a cover can ensure, obviously by heating the space and the water, even a pleasant winter bath. When the garden structure is chosen, we always opt for materials that can be quite durable over time and guarantee a function of unlimited duration. Specifically, the most chosen garden structures are: winter gardens, garages, garden greenhouses, shelters. Winter gardens are an option only for those who actually have the necessary space to be able to create it, therefore, it is an element that is not always present in all gardens. Obviously, those who have a garage certainly do not need to place a garage in the garden but these additional structures underline how the garden can become a fully usable space and can replace some spaces if they are not attached to the house.

Winter Gardens

Winter gardens, as the term underlines, are gardens that show their beauty even during the winter period. In reality it is a closed structure inside which plants and flowers are housed, which find in this structure, the best climate and suitable for their species. This promotes better plant growth, as well as obviously being an aesthetically pleasing element to admire. The structure of the winter garden is always made with transparent material that allows the same rays of the sun to be able to completely filter through the glass and thus nourish the same plants. Everyone will be free to choose the type of structure to create their own winter garden, but above all, before anything else, it will be necessary to check the space available. Many also use the winter garden as a relaxation area to share with friends, here you will find yourself completely immersed in a green space, and thanks to the transparency, you will also have the opportunity to admire the winter beauty of the garden. The structure of the winter garden can be completely opened which means that in the garden, when it is summer, it is as if you were in a completely open space, in winter, however, by closing the windows, the space becomes more collected and the plants are protected. from the cold and snow.


The garage is a rather interesting solution for those who do not have a garage available, it can be placed in the garden, and the market offers so many solutions, that everyone will surely find the model that will best integrate into this outdoor space. The car garage is essential to protect your car above all from sudden changes in temperature, there are all sizes and also for parking two cars. When buying a house that does not have a garage, but only a garden, this is certainly the best solution to avoid building one.


The garden greenhouse allows the cultivation of plants and flowers that require any kind of climate, since inside the structure, through heating and cooling systems, it is possible to have the climate you want. In the greenhouse the plants have the same needs as if they were in an open space: they will therefore have to be pruned, watered, fertilized. The greenhouse can be made with rather simple materials such as wood or iron and the most complex structures are those made of iron that give a certainly different visual impact to the same garden.

Where to buy

Garden structures can generally be purchased from DIY or gardening stores for outdoor furniture. Obviously, the choice of models depends on the size of the store itself, so it is important to turn to a rather well-stocked one if you are looking for something particular.

Garden structures: garden design: Garden structures

The fundamental prerequisite for the creation of a green corner that really meets your needs, but above all to your expectations, is necessarily represented by the correct definition of the garden structures, through which you can effectively guarantee the possibility of optimizing the spaces for you. layout.

Our support, therefore, will be crucial in helping you identify the different possibilities at your disposal, as regards elements such as shelters and garages for your cars. In short, you have no more time to waste before stumbling upon the useful information that you will find within this subsection. We await you with more details.

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