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Waterfalls in nature are wonderful spectacles, both the smallest and the largest ones, offer the vision of a unique moment, before which any visitor is completely fascinated. In nature we find both natural and artificial waterfalls, in the second case the effect is equal to the first but in reality the waterfall is put into operation according to established times and when this is closed, the water does not flow. Since this is such an aesthetically pleasing element, it was decided to reproduce the same effect for those who wish to have it in their garden. Obviously, the dimensions of a waterfall within a garden must respect the proportions of the same area in order to create an overall effect well integrated within the space. A careful eye can immediately recognize the best place to place it, if it is possible to place it in a rather high space compared to the rest of the garden, the same waterfall will have a prominent place compared to the whole area below. It will be like having a waterfall overlooking the various areas of the garden and where the sound of flowing water will spread to every single space. The waterfall in addition to reproducing a pleasant noise, also produces a very interesting visual effect, especially relaxing. Around it you could also think of creating a path of relaxation to feel completely enveloped in the peace and quiet of nature.

How to make it

The waterfall can be reproduced in your own garden, by purchasing it at a shop specializing in outdoor furnishing accessories or by building it yourself. In outdoor furniture shops, the waterfall is offered both in the version with natural stones and in the plastic version. The best effect is certainly guaranteed by the waterfall with natural stones but for those who have arranged a rather limited budget, they can always fall back on the plastic ones, perhaps, embellished with plants. The stone waterfall is undoubtedly the element that most reproduces the waterfall that we find in nature, the water is brought to the top of the same to make the jump through a pump, the choice of the latter must be related to the quantity of water from having to push up. Once you reach the top of the water, make the leap by falling into a container. The waterfall can also create a small stream or be channeled and stop in a catchment basin. The shop will have several models but for those who want to try their hand and test their skills, they can still decide to make it themselves. By going to a store specializing in the sale of stones, you will surely find the right stones to create the waterfall. The first phase is to look for the place in the garden where the waterfall does not create clutter but above all is made clearly visible. Then we move on to the design phase, which includes the structure of the waterfall, and its commissioning. The waterfall can be very simple and made only with stones from the top of which the water flows or it can be more complex if it creates small streams.


To get ideas on the types of waterfalls available on the market, it is important to visit shops specializing in these items, and maybe even take a look at the models on the internet. In this way you have the opportunity to have a complete overview of what are the salable models but also to take inspiration for the creation of a completely personal waterfall. Advice and suggestions can also be provided by the same dealer. Where it is not a water garden but you want to insert it only as an additional element, this can also be chosen at a later time with respect to the design and construction phase of the garden. Given the simple construction and thanks to the infinite variety of models available, it will be possible to find the waterfall that best suits the space available and your garden. By purchasing it already assembled, it will be easy to install it by following the instructions in the package.

Waterfalls: garden furniture: Waterfalls

Are you looking for a factor that can effectively enhance the home garden? As you well know, the elements focused on furnishing your green corner can focus on a more aesthetic or functional dimension: in our case, speaking of the so-called waterfalls, we are largely in the first category.

More specifically, one of the main factors to take into consideration before focusing on the falls is the evaluation of the space available to you, considering that the element in question plays a very important role from this point of view, even in the case in which I had to decide to focus on Angel Falls, much smaller, for example, than Niagara Falls.

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