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Furnishing accessories

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The garden is a space that is created and completed over the years because at the time of its creation only the elements that are considered indispensable to be used are purchased. It is precisely the furnishing accessories of the garden that give that extra touch that makes the environment more complete. An indispensable element is certainly the awning, especially if you do not have other structures with which to repair. Today, thanks to the many models on the market, it is possible to choose from an infinity of fabrics and colors that go beyond the classic curtain that you are used to seeing, and you can find suitable solutions for any space to satisfy every request of the customer.


Another piece of furniture, not essential, but still very interesting, is the sauna. For those who have little space in their home, the garden can be a place to make the most of where you can insert those elements that do not find space inside. There are rather small versions of saunas that also go well with the green of the garden. They are made of wood, the natural material par excellence, which finds its perfect location in a garden. The sauna is a place of both physical and mental well-being. Those who have the possibility to install it must not give it up because, due to the hectic pace of life it becomes difficult even to go to a wellness center. Instead in this way you can have the comfort directly at home.


The same goes for the outdoor whirlpool. There are mini pools, which offer both the possibility of having a tub where you can swim, and the possibility of putting the whirlpool into operation. Those who do not want to face the expense of a simple swimming pool can still orient themselves on these models, which do not even need to be emptied, as happens for a simple pool, and guarantee to regain their physical well-being. Furthermore, the latest models allow you to have, through a small control panel, the correct management of each individual whirlpool nozzle. In this way you can direct the jet of water where it is considered most appropriate. Furthermore, the system can also be deactivated and therefore the tub can be used as a small swimming pool. This type of tub is made of resistant and easy to clean material and can be covered in wood, to make it aesthetically more pleasant.

Other furnishing elements

Certainly cheaper elements of garden furniture are cushions for chairs, armchairs, sofas and chaise lounges. Personal creativity can lead to creating whimsical cushions to give a personal touch to your garden. In addition, the cushion also performs the function of making the seat more comfortable. The only drawback is that even a sudden summer shower can ruin it, so at the end of the day, it is advisable to put it in a chest and use it the next day. To create a cheerful and fun element among the plants and flowers, you can buy the garden gnomes, nice and cheerful, available in plastic or ceramic. The same garden stones can then represent a highly decorative element, which helps to create 'rocky' spaces where you can also create small waterfalls. The pot holders complete the garden, because they embellish the typical plastic pot. Today you have the possibility to choose between pots of bright colors and particular materials that enrich the garden.

The lighting

Another important piece of furniture is lighting, which can be not only artificial but also natural, thanks to the use of candles. Using candle holders it will also be possible to hang them from trees, create paths and illuminated paths or revive the appearance of the table. The light emitted by the candles always creates a very special atmosphere, even when it marks the perimeter of the pool. Some garden furnishing accessories are used with a double function: recently models of pots that light up at night have spread on the market.

Furnishing accessories: Costs

Regarding the cost of these accessories, a lot depends on the model on which you are oriented. In general it can be said that the products just presented have a certainly higher cost than more traditional decorative elements. However, since they are furnishing accessories, they can be chosen calmly and the purchase of a design element can easily be postponed to a later time, when sufficient budget is available. Through these elements, everyone will be able to give their own personal imprint and their own touch of style to the space that surrounds their home, carefully weighing the choice, to be sure that a certain element is strongly characterizing for the space they want to embellish.

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