Watering of bonsai

Watering of bonsai

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Watering of bonsai:

Plants grown in small containers need regular and well-dosed watering. Let's avoid leaving the soil dry for excessive periods of time and remember to intensify the watering in case of drought, and to thin it out during the cold months. To water the bonsai we can proceed in two ways: - the classic method is the rain one; as is the case with any other plant we will go to wet the surface of the ground using a watering can or other sprinkler. We remind you that it is always inadvisable to excessively loosen the soil inside a bonsai pot, to avoid damaging the root system; therefore we try to administer very fine and delicate watering, possibly using the appropriate watering cans for bonsai. - another very valid method for watering bonsai is by immersion; it is practiced above all for plants that need large quantities of water, or in the case of very dry soil. We proceed by filling it by placing the plant in a basin that comfortably contains it, then insert the water up to the edge of the bonsai pot. Leave the plant immersed in water until the substrate moistens in the upper part and then lift the pot and let it drain for a few minutes before placing it back in its tray. During the watering we also proceed with the fertilization; in the case of watering by immersion, avoid dissolving an excessive amount of fertilizer in the water.

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