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I need some advice about my clivia: the tips of the leaves periodically (every two / three months) turn yellow and in some of them the yellow expands a lot. I changed the position (putting it in a brighter corner), and I also reduced the watering, but the problem persists.

I currently water it once a week.


Clivia needs a lot of diffused light, but not direct. The apical yellowing can essentially be due to two causes: a) excessive irrigation (to be excluded in your case); b) nutritional imbalances. In particular, the excess of fertilizer is manifested by intense green leaves with apical yellowing immediately followed by necrosis (desiccation); the nutritional deficiency, on the other hand, manifests itself with pale green leaves and apical yellowing elongated to the rest of the leaf. It should be borne in mind that in this period the effort made by the Clivia is maximum, due to the flowering or preparation of the seeds. In this case, it is advisable to irrigate nitrogen-rich fertilizers (for green plants) even twice a week in the doses indicated on the product package.

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