Flowers on the balcony

Flowers on the balcony

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Question: What to put on a balcony for the summer

Dear editorial staff,

I am passionate about growing plants and flowers and having a balcony with planter 8 meters long I would like from you some advice to know what is best to plant for the period from spring to the end of summer.

I remind you that the balcony is x half in full sun exposure and x half in dim light or shade.

thanking you in advance, I look forward reply to my email.


Flowers on the balcony: Answer: What to put on a balcony for the summer

Dear Roberto,

the alternatives are many.

If you want something that goes down you can resort to traditional climbing geraniums or surfinias, both of which come in many varieties and colors.

If, on the other hand, you want something that grows upwards, begoniets, petunias and new guinea plants grow well in the sunny area, while in the shaded area the carolines.

If you want you can resort to intermediate solutions. An interesting solution could be this: use red (Parisian) climbing geraniums interspersed with bidens (yellow). These two essences will fall down. In order not to leave the upper part completely bare, you can plant lobelia (blue) or calceolaria (yellow). This solution will allow you to have a balcony that is always in bloom starting from April until October-November.

In any case, surely in the issues of the March-April magazine we will include some solutions for terraces and balconies.

Thank you for writing us. Do not hesitate to do it whenever you want. In particular, if you want to know other types of annual plants less known than the traditional ones that I have indicated, do not hesitate to write us again. We will reply as soon as possible.

See you soon.

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