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Question: Metrosideros

Hi, I'm a new friend and I would like to immediately take advantage of your availability to get all the possible information on the plant in question that I recently bought.

Do you already have some flowers, can I still pour it? Does the earth have to be acidic? And the exposure? Here with me the winter temperature only in a few days approaches zero, can it overwinter without protection? Waiting to read you, I greet you and thank you.

Metrosideros: Answer: Metrosideros

Dear Franco,

We thank you for contacting us regarding the cultivation of

Metrosideros Thomasi via the Expert section of Our Site.

The Metrosideros belongs to the Myrtaceae family, these are evergreen trees and shrubs, with showy flowers that bloom from May to August; they are cultivated as well as for their ornamental value for the wood which is hard and robust. Cultivation in temperate climate regions, as in his case, can be done in the open ground, in regions less favored by the climatic trend it is recommended to grow in pots, sheltering them in winter. The soil for repotting must be very porous, of medium mixture with a component of peat; the pots must be very large and drainage must be taken care of. The night temperature in winter should not drop beyond 3-4 degrees and in summer place them in a shady place. Watering must be abundant during the period

summer, however, avoiding stagnation of water and watering when the earth is


For pruning, we will intervene after flowering, if necessary, with

a slight training pruning.

Yours sincerely.