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Gardening includes all those techniques that allow you to always have healthy and luxuriant plants. On the other hand, gardening has always been practiced in the garden and in any green space. Whether it is a hobby, an art, a passion or a job, gardening must be practiced with rigor and criteria, in order to lead to the desired results. The desire and passion to get to know the boundless world of gardening often lead users to ask themselves questions about the health of plants and cultivation methods to make them healthier and more beautiful. This is why the "gardening questions and answers" section is one of the most popular with our readers. Systematically renewed with new pages, this section collects all the questions on the most common doubts about gardening. Each question, as usual and as happens for similar sections, ... continues

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  • Aquatic Pachira

    An interesting question from one of our readers gives us the opportunity to start an in-depth study dedicated to the aquatic pachira and its cultivation
  • Dicondra meadow

    The dichondra lawn can give excellent results as long as you know some small tricks to cultivate it in the best way
  • Selective herbicide

    I have the selective herbicide inactive with Graminaceae. I have to use it with the pump before or after the cut
  • Cycas fertilization

    Dear me, I am a new regularly registered user. I would like to know as soon as possible if you can
  • Turf

    I live in Piedmont, I prepared the ground for the turf. I can immediately move on to sowing, d
  • Magnolia pruning

    I would like information on how and when to prune the plant in question.It is about 2.5 meters high.
  • Red spider

    What to do about this boring red spider? Are there any effective "natural" remedies?
  • Flowers on the balcony

    Dear editors, I am passionate about growing plants and flowers and having a planter balcony there
  • Cotton cochineal of citrus fruits

    I need help because I am a bit "ignorant" on the subject of plant disease. I have a manda
  • Dicondra

    Good morning. I am in charge of the analysis laboratory at a composting plant; from our
  • Lawn with few needs

    Hello, I would like some advice, I bought an apartment with a small garden adjacent to it
  • Moss in the meadow

    How can I get rid of moss from the turf? Are there any specific products? Thank you.
  • Holly and forsythia hedge pruning

    I own a hedge made up of Holly and Forsythia, I would like to know the best time to prune
  • Rot of geraniums

    Who could tell me why all my potted geraniums have black twigs inside, as if they do
  • Felling magnolia

    An in-depth question on the abatement of the magnolia and on all the details to carry out this delicate maintenance operation which if done incorrectly can cause gross
  • Acacia of constantinople

    A reader of Our site wants to know the characteristics of the acacia of constantinople and to know if it is appropriate to put it in his garden
  • Mites

    hi I find myself a hedge full of mites to the point that the stem has become black.
  • Mites

    Last year I planted some giant marigold seeds, when the seedlings came out, I transplanted them into
  • Acidify the soil

    what kind of fertilizer can i use to increase the acidity of my soil? I have to go from a ph 7.8 to
  • Aphids

    an old lady told me that she keeps aphids away by burying under the foliage of the p
  • Terrain added

    I need to increase the soil layer by at least 10 - 15cm in a flowerbed along the yard. Unfortunately v
  • Camphor tree

    I am working near a Camphor tree. I noticed that despite being rich in leaves ve
  • White mulberry tree

    Should I get rid of a fairly mature mulberry tree what do I do? Thank you
  • Christmas tree

    Hi I have an 8 year old potted Christmas tree now (common spruce) that I keep on the balcony (I live at 1
  • Visual impedimentto walnut tree

    Hello, I have a well developed walnut tree in front of a large terrace that closes completely
  • Alocasia

    I have an alocasia in the apartment the leaves, they have taken some russet spots. from what dipe
  • Halos from vases

    Hello, I have the constant problem that the saucers of my plants leave brown halos on
  • Phlox height

    I want to buy plants for a phlox hedge Which phlox has the greatest height? Alba Gaggero
  • Sick Araucaria

    I need help to save my 20 year old araucaria who fell dramatically ill. Gr
  • Aeration

    I would like to ventilate my lawn in the next few weeks, because I haven't done it in two years, but it has
  • Lawn aeration

    I have a problem on my lawn (I think) English, at the base of the lawn I am (caused over the years) one s
  • Azaleas to move

    Hi, in the condominium driveway we have many azalea plants I would say too many, I would like to get married
  • Holly berries

    Hello, I would kindly like to know if, having planted two hollies close together, it is possible that the
  • Belle at night

    I have beautiful red nights that are turning yellow. Why? Can you keep them red?
  • Benjamina

    my brother-in-law pruned his banjamina, I collected some branches and put them in 1 bucket with water
  • Bouganvillea and caper

    nia bouganvillea, despite being exposed to full sun, does not flower. what should I do because flowers

continue ... , receives the answer of one of our experts, an answer that is published, in textual form, in the margin of the question. All the questions are listed in alphabetical order, in order to allow easier consultation. The section that answers readers' questions also allows you to share lots of answers on gardening and similar topics. As usual, at the top of the list of questions stand out those relating to plant diseases and parasites, phenomena that often arise from incorrect or bad cultivation. However, the section does not lack more technical or specific questions and answers, such as those relating to growing plants in the shade or protecting them from frost. Among the most interesting questions and answers we also point out those relating to soil acidification, aeration, organic fertilization. Sharing and reading these answers allows you to easily learn gardening methods and techniques without having to resort to long and tiring research or web consultations. Readers' questions also concern various plant species, from Mediterranean to tropical. Some questions (and therefore also the answers) also concern plant diseases often unknown to most, such as the "fire blast", a fearful bacterial disease that affects fruit trees. Reading the expert's answer you will understand how to fight it, but, above all, how to prevent and avoid it. The gardening questions and answers section is always ready to answer all your questions. We invite you to send them and check the immediate publication of the response.
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