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Submit your questions and doubts about fruit and vegetable plants to the expert of Our site. Our expert will answer your questions by giving you a valid opinion to solve your cultivation problems. Gardening also includes the cultivation of fruit trees and vegetable plants. These species can be grown for decorative purposes or for human consumption. Having a vegetable garden in the garden or on the terrace is now a dream coveted by many, also because we are witnessing an increasingly general increase in the prices of vegetables. However, in self-cultivation or DIY, mistakes are always lurking. Vegetable plants and fruit trees are also at risk of not fruiting, becoming ill and losing their leaves prematurely. All the answers to the problems just mentioned and to the most frequent doubts are contained in "questions and answers for vegetables and fruit", ... continue

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  • Peach bubble

    The peach bubble is one of the most harmful diseases for the peach tree and in this deepening we will reveal all the secrets to fight and eliminate this disease
  • Persimmon apple

    From a question from a reader, here is the in-depth study dedicated to apple persimmon to discover in detail this species and all its characteristics and the secrets to cultivate it
  • Lemon pruning

    A question to clarify some aspects of lemon and citrus pruning and learn all the best tricks to perform a perfect cut
  • Olive tree pruning

    Question and answer to a user who wanted to know in detail when and how the olive tree pruning should be done to be sure to prune his beautiful plant in the best possible way
  • Caper cultivation

    The caper is a difficult plant to grow on the terrace and in pots, but with the right advice everything can become easier
  • Sowing the caper

    All the essential information for sowing the caper
  • Tomatoes

    A long study to know the diseases of tomatoes starting from a simple question from a reader
  • Cultivation of lemons

    From a question from one of our readers, we were inspired to make a very useful sheet on the cultivation of lemon that will give you all the information you need to cultivate this species
  • Sow the avocado

    hello, my name is edoardo and I have a question for you: some time ago I bought a frut in a shop
  • Vegetable mulch

    I would like to know if there is a bio way of adding calcium to the soil and if polyethyl mulch
  • I graft the apple tree

    excuse my insane question! being that both species are of the same family,
  • Apricot

    I have grown an apricot in a pot that has bloomed this year, but the flowers are falling and there are no fruits
  • Lower the ground level

    Hi, congratulations x the site, very informative. I would like to submit my question
  • Cherry purchase

    I have a small garden at an altitude of 600 meters in the Modena area and I would like to buy one or two
  • Peach aphids

    About a month ago I planted a three-year-old peach tree purchased from the agricultural consortium, il
  • Aphids on plums

    natural method to preserve plum squares from harmful insects
  • Garlic and onion

    I've heard that garlics don't like being near onions, but that's the minimum distance between them
  • Agretti

    I would like to know how to grow agretti or frata's beard where you can find seeds or bulbs
  • Citrus fruits besieged by cochineal do not bear fruit

    Hi, my name is Danilo and I write from Salento. I have been in possession of a young man for about 3-4 years
  • Citrus fruits without fruit

    Hi, I have 2 trees in my garden, one of lemons and one of oranges for more than two years and they are
  • Help

    I have green chillies planted in the balcony, I found the leaves eaten entirely but I don't see n
  • Pear tree

    Good morning, I have a 5 year old pear tree, and a crack appeared in the bark of the trunk,
  • Fruit trees

  • Orange tree

    I have had an orange tree in the garden for years. Lately it has lost almost all its leaves and fruit,
  • Orange tree burned by fire

    The question I'm about to ask is a bit strange, but unfortunately the crime happened and I can't
  • Lemon tree with diseased leaves

    A question from a reader for our expert to understand among the diseases of the lemon, which one attacked and affected its plants and what to do to cure them
  • Peach tree

    hi, I have a peach tree and it is invaded by ants that eat the fruit, and then the new leaves
  • Flavorless apricots

    I planted a small apricot tree about five years ago and for a couple of years it has been growing quite well
  • Apricot

    Hi! This is 3 years since I planted an apricot tree in my garden, it has bloomed and now it is
  • Apricot

    Tips for reproducing an apricot tree in complete autonomy and spending very few euros
  • Apricot and apple tree

    Given that I am a beginner, can you please help me on two problems I encountered on
  • Cracked apricot

    I have a 2 year old apricot tree that made about twenty very nice apricots but the plant was sp

continue ... , section inserted in the margin of the fruit and vegetables heading. This section, as well as the others reserved for readers' questions, is very crowded with requests and rich in content. The answers are provided by our expert and explain how to intervene during all phases of cultivation of vegetable and fruit plants. Statistically, there are many questions about diseases of vegetables and fruit trees, but also about citrus fruits and aromatic plants. Many users ask us why some lemon trees do not bear fruit and why basil does not take root as it should. The answers from our expert are all very clear and targeted. By reading them, you will find that plants that grow poorly or do not grow at all are likely to suffer from a deficiency or excess of watering and fertilizing. For vegetable and fruit plants, you must always follow all the rules of gardening: never exceed and prefer natural solutions. In our section, many questions also concern how to plant and grow plants such as asparagus or tropical fruit trees such as avocado. The resources are published in alphabetical order and each page has two paragraphs containing the question and the answer respectively. Often, the expert's response can also be supplemented by videos, which are always held by experts. The textual answer combined with the video constitutes a winning cocktail to dispel in the blink of an eye all doubts concerning the cultivation of vegetable and fruit plants. By carefully following the expert's advice, you will also be able to succeed in the enterprise of growing vegetable and fruit plants that root and bear fruit easily. This is highly desirable, also because the gardener's greatest satisfaction is that of producing vegetables and fruits that are good to look at and also to eat.
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