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The gazebo is a component of the garden that combines style with practicality. In fact, in many gardens the gazebo is both an element that increases its aesthetic appeal, and a useful shelter, especially during the mid-seasons, to guarantee coverage from sudden storms. In this section you will find descriptions, photos and characteristics of all the main types of gazebos in in-depth articles such as iron gazebos, wooden gazebos and folding gazebos. Before choosing your gazebo, reading the articles in this section will give you very useful advice and information. Gazebos often occupy public spaces at fairs and events, but they also look good in the garden. The description refers to the gazebos, covers always very present even in private gardens. The gazebo is in fact a piece of furniture that serves as a shelter and cover from bad weather and sudden showers, ... continue

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    DIY gazebos are an excellent solution to install a gazebo in the garden without spending too much money. These gazebos can be made of either wood or steel or other materials
  • Garden gazebo

    To fully enjoy the garden, even on summer days when the downpour is around the corner or on days when the sun is scorching and it becomes difficult to stay long without shelter, the gazeb
  • Wrought iron gazebo

    Working wrought iron is a real art, a craftsmanship, where the ability of
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    Furnishing the interiors and exteriors of their homes is a duty of every person who loves sent
  • Garden gazebos

    Furnishing the outdoor spaces of your home is a duty, but also a pleasure, for those who want
  • Iron gazebos

    If you are planning to create a romantic corner in your garden or on your balcony, a corner
  • Wooden gazebos

    With the arrival of summer, people are pushed to live outdoors, enjoying the warmth of the days
  • Gazebos for cars

    The gazebo is an ideal cover for protecting the car from various atmospheric events, including the
  • Gazebos for outdoors

    Furnishing your home with care is a duty that no person can avoid, because living in
  • Gazebo

    The gazebo represents a piece of furniture in the garden that is often chosen for its particularity
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    Each house must be furnished appropriately, because it reflects the character of each person and co
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    Summarizing the birth of the gazebo, therefore its history and evolution, the first forms of gazebo ve

continue ... , but also as a meeting place for groups of people on the occasion of evenings or days outdoors. Under the gazebo you can also put some furniture, such as tables and chairs. Shape, style and design of the gazebo can enrich the aesthetic rendering of the garden. In this sense, the gazebo can also be defined as a decorative element. With this furniture, it is usually not difficult to reconcile style with practicality. The different models of gazebos offer infinite solutions and customizations. This is why our online magazine contains a section dedicated to these coverages. Inside it, many articles and insights on the different types of gazebos, from the most classic to the most modern. By reading our section carefully, you will also be able to discover the main characteristics of wooden, iron, garden and terrace gazebos. There are also fixed and mobile gazebos and others to build yourself with the simple DIY method. Through fully descriptive and complete content, you will find answers to the most common questions about gazebos, such as the costs to be incurred to make them, the purchase channels to buy them, their maintenance and the strategies for positioning them in the outdoor space. The gazebos, in fact, are made to be placed on any type of outdoor space. Some models go to the garden, others to the terrace. The difference between a garden and terrace gazebo is in the fixing methods. Garden gazebos can also be fixed on the lawn, while those for terraces can be fixed to cemented or paved support bases. To decorate the space where the gazebos are placed, you can also think of adding furniture, or personalizing the cover with special precious fabrics that give life to a kind of canopy gazebo. Gazebos with curtains, especially the larger ones, are often used to celebrate outdoor weddings. The gazebos on the terrace can also be used as covers to have breakfast or to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. The same use can also be applied to garden gazebos.

For more ideas on these furnishings, we also suggest you read the articles in our section.

What can be the real added value in terms of home garden furnishings? The reference is obviously to the gazebo that we could decide to place inside our green corner, although it should not be overlooked that a choice of this type requires a deep study of a much more complex market than one might think.

Thanks to this section, more specifically, you will have the opportunity to explore a series of product types, such as those relating to iron or aluminum gazebos. If this is not enough for you, we will also dedicate a page to the world of gazebo sales, so that you always have full knowledge and awareness of prices.

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