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Want to know more about a houseplant that you didn't find on the site? Do you want help saving your sick plant? Write to the expert of Our site and you will have an answer to your doubts! Indoor plants are species that have adapted to living indoors. Sometimes this is not the case, as many species are forced to live indoors due to lack of space or adverse or too difficult climatic conditions. Let's think, for example, of natural fir, even if on holidays it is richly decorated and kept in the apartment, this plant does not like to stay indoors. Many answers to the most common doubts about the management and cultivation of indoor plants can be found in the section "questions and answers apartment plants". Inserted in the section dedicated to indoor plants, ... continue

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continue ... , this section collects all the questions posed by readers. Each question is answered by our expert. All questions and their answers are published in text form and in alphabetical order. It is therefore likely that by consulting the individual pages, you will find the answers to your doubts without the need to send further questions. The section is however interactive and created just to receive any kind of question about indoor plants. For example, do you want to know why the house azalea loses its leaves? Write to our expert and if you have already done so, read his answer. All the answers, always published in the margin of the question, are simple, clear and exhaustive. The more detailed ones can also have the length of an article, in order to dispel any doubts and provide valid solutions for a healthier and more effective cultivation. Many questions about houseplants involve plant diseases that cause leaf shedding or strange color changes. Many of these diseases are caused by pests or cultivation errors. In particular, mistakes are much more frequent at home than outside. In fact, in the apartment there is a tendency to keep the plants in too hot and humid environments, with the risk of making them attack by molds or by symptoms related to thermal or water imbalances. With the answers of our expert, it is possible to intervene in all cases related to the attack of parasites or to the poor cultivation of indoor plants. As everyone knows, you never stop learning. The answers in our section have a high educational value and contribute to spreading and sharing the culture of respect for every type of plant, even those for apartments.
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