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Bonsai are mignon or miniature trees. The art of bonsai, originally from China and Japan, has recently spread to the Western world as well. Today, bonsaiism, or the art of growing bonsai, occupies a place of honor in gardening. To celebrate it, our online magazine also offers readers the “video bonsai” section. The cultivation techniques of miniature plants are slightly different from those of full size. Generally, the cultivation of large or small plants always responds to the same rules, but in small ones, special precautions must be followed, because bonsai must take on a much more decorative shape and bearing than full-size plants. The videos in our section are dedicated to all bonsai cultivation techniques and therefore to watering, pruning, ... continue

continue ... , to the setting of their shape, to the creation of pre-bonsai. Very useful in this sense are the videos that talk about pre-bonsai. This term indicates all the techniques that lead to the formation of bonsai. The prebonsai also refers to the seedling that, when properly planted and cultivated, will turn into a miniature tree. The pre-bonsai can be created from cuttings, that is, from the branches of the adult bonsai, or by sowing the desired essences. As you can see, all the preparation techniques of the future bonsai are quite precise and require some practice to be implemented. With our videos, lasting three to four and a half minutes, you can easily learn how to grow any bonsai species. The multimedia files are also accompanied by a short text that follows exactly what was said in the video. Also very interesting are the videos on tools for growing bonsai and climbing bonsai. Other useful video resources are dedicated to growing bonsai on rock, preparing soil for miniature plants and processing jin. The latter is a technique that consists in debarking and whitening the dry wood of the bonsai. The technique is used to embellish an old bonsai with worn wood. By eliminating the part of the dry wood, the bonsai regains its ancient beauty by appearing similar to a younger plant. The videos in our section are therefore useful and indispensable for lovers of bonsai. Easy to understand, our videos can help anyone get closer and practice the fascinating art of growing bonsai.

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