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Jobs of the month apartment

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Repot, prune, sow ... every month is suitable for doing some intervention on your houseplants. In Apartment Works of the Month, fans of growing houseplants can get some great tips and check each month if they have done all the necessary work or if they have forgotten to do something. For those who love to cultivate and care for ficus, yucca and azaleas this section will serve as a calendar to mark the time of cultivation interventions. Houseplants also need care and cultivation interventions. Sowing, pruning and repotting follow one another on a regular and monthly basis, as happens for outdoor and garden plants. It is not always easy to remember all the treatments to dedicate to our beloved indoor plants. To avoid forgetfulness, our online magazine publishes the section “apartment works of the month”, ... continue

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continue ... , where all the monthly interventions to be carried out on indoor plants are indicated. The section is useful to both newbies and longtime professionals and enthusiasts. Each month, just like a perfect calendar, the contents of the section describe in detail all the interventions to be carried out on different types of indoor plants, such as azaleas, yucca, ficus and many others. The texts are presented in a simple and clear way. By reading them you can find out what to do in the winter, spring, autumn or summer months. In January, for example, it is not necessary to intervene often on indoor plants and those for the terrace or balcony. Generally, especially in particular internal temperature conditions, it is advisable to water every twenty to thirty days. In winter, patio and balcony plants should be covered with leaves, straw or pine bark. During the winter months you can also prepare containers for spring plants. In January, in fact, it is also possible to plant violets, heather and cyclamen, so as not to leave the terrace or balcony empty and bare during the colder months. As you can see, the things to do with and for plants are different and all very useful for keeping them alive and healthy. If in January there is work to be done, in spring and summer there is even more work to be done. We do not want to reveal more, because all the interventions are described in the individual contents of our section. We just wanted to give you a little taste. If you want, we can tell you another preview, or what to do with indoor plants in spring. In this period, the vegetative activity is at its maximum and the old containers are no longer able to contain the root system of the plants. Spring, especially the month of March, is therefore the season for repotting. This and other works are discussed in our "apartment works of the month" section. We advise you to follow it and read it carefully to make sure you have indoor plants that are always healthy and in good condition.

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