Lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance

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After the construction of the lawn, maintenance is certainly one of the most important aspects if you want to make sure that all our efforts have not been in vain. Constant and careful maintenance is the secret to a lawn that is always in excellent condition and in this video gardening course you will be able to deepen all the main aspects in question. The introductory video will provide a useful overview on the subject by introducing you to maintenance and the main techniques used by hobbyists and professionals to keep the lawn in good condition. Irrigation is one of the primary aspects for garden maintenance and must be calculated correctly both in terms of watering times and areas to be watered as well as the time of year. Depending on the area of ​​the garden in which we need to water, ... continue

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continue ... , of the exposure, of the type of plants we have planted and obviously depending on the time of year we will have to adjust the methods and times of irrigation. Another fundamental aspect for lawn maintenance is undoubtedly the mowing of the grass, something very often underestimated by many owners. In fact, the lawn must be cut very frequently at a variable height depending on the type of grass we have planted. To remove all doubts about cutting frequency and methods, in the video dedicated to mowing the grass you will find an extensive study dedicated to this topic. In addition to cutting, there are also maintenance interventions to be done less frequently but always very important for the health of the lawn. Some of these interventions are lawn fertilization, herbicide treatments, fungicides and insecticides, as well as aeration, coring and sandblasting. Many gardening enthusiasts tend to underestimate the importance of these interventions considered secondary because they are not performed every day but are still extremely important for the health of the lawn.

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