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Succulents are species that must be taken care of and cultivated in a different way than the others. In fact, succulent or succulent plants have different needs and requirements for water and exposure. These plants accumulate water and do not need extensive watering. Typical of arid climates, succulents grow well in a sunny position. All succulent growing techniques are shown and explained in detail in our video section. The multimedia files present content dedicated to various succulents, including agave, ferocactus, aloe, opuntia and all cacti species. The videos last from two and a half minutes to three and a half minutes, a short period of time, in which the tutors with wisdom and skill show and explain everything there is to know about the cultivation of succulents. The single video files open with hints to the botanical description of the treated species, ... continue

continue ... , to then turn to the proper cultivation methods. Through the video section you will be able to know when and if to water the succulents, how to stimulate their flowering or when to plant them. You will also learn that succulents should not be fertilized and that many should be watered very little when they are small, and then not be watered anymore. In fact, most succulents use rainwater. Our video section also reserves space for the techniques of how to shelter succulents, which, during the cold and rainy months, must be protected even if not necessarily in the apartment. Learning the right cultivation techniques allows you to have succulents that bloom regularly and that give a good decorative effect. In case of difficulty, the videos can be reviewed. The concepts can also be better established by reading the textual contents in the margin of the page where the video is published. These are texts that report exactly when said in the video. Through a few lines, therefore, and a few views, you can learn useful knowledge for the cultivation of any type of succulent plant. Among the most useful videos, we also point out those dedicated to repotting the cactus, propagation by grafting succulents, how to recover cuttings from the same leaves of succulents and how to repair damaged succulents. As you can see, with our videos there is a lot to know. There is nothing left to do but look at them.

Video: This is how I propagate my succulents exponentially. LP BITES