Diseases of the vine

Diseases of the vine

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In this section of the site there is an interesting study, [adversity of the vine], which describes the main diseases and the main causes of malfunctions in the vine due to environmental problems, fungi and insects.

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  • Vine mushrooms

    Diseases deriving from vine fungi, caused by pathogens equipped with survival systems now tested by natural selection, endure the harshest winters and recur
  • Diseases of the vine

    Discover with us the main adversities and diseases that most frequently affect the vine with all the methods to fight these dangerous enemies of grapes
  • Grapevine bacteria and viruses

    Learning how to establish the engraftment of bacteria and viruses in the vine is essential to ensure a good harvest, and therefore a satisfactory production of wines. All information on the different ti
  • Sore of the vine bait

    Grapevine sore disease is a fungal disease that affects two particular types of pathogens: phaeomoniella chlamydospora and phaeoacremonium aleophilum. These mushrooms attack pr
  • Powdery mildew of the vine

    To be able to properly counteract the powdery mildew of life, you should put in place some precautions and some procedures that can prevent the attack by the fungus, or follow
  • Downy mildew of the vine

    Downy mildew of the vine is a disease caused by the fungus called plasmopara viticola. This rather serious infestation is the thorn in the side of many winemakers who are often found in com
  • Vine mites

    To be able to effectively combat the infestations of vine mites it would be advisable to know them adequately, to know how to recognize the symptoms and identify the infesting species,
  • Lepidoptera of the vine

    In order to be able to adequately combat the infestations of vine moths it would be advisable to correctly know their habits and their biological cycle and to be able to prevent
  • Vine beetles

    Beetles are relatively large insects, some can be easily spotted on plants, and often the struggle is manual elimination of adults. on the vine we find
  • Radical rot of the vine

    The root rot of the vine is caused by various fungal microorganisms that attack the root structure of plants. These pathogens feed on the vital part of the roots: the pia

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