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For topics not covered in this section or to ask specific questions, use this section! In questions and answers, an expert from the editorial staff of Our site will take care of answering your curiosities and giving you useful advice on herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is the science that treats diseases through plants and herbs. In this field, however, talking about science and especially about medical science or medicine can be a bit risky. It is true that herbal medicine has managed to carve out a prominent place within the interests of consumers. This interest can be explained by the fact that many plants, even common ones, have beneficial principles and properties. The beneficial effects of plants are also confirmed by studies and research. In this sense, it is not difficult to choose plants or plant extracts to use to treat various ailments. All plants that have beneficial health or curative effects are called "official". With medicinal plants you can prepare herbal teas, ... continue

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continue ... , decoctions, mother tinctures, capsules, tablets, juices and powder supplements. The use of plants should be reserved for mild and transient ailments, such as colds, conjunctivitis, colitis, insomnia, headaches, menstrual pain, stress and fatigue problems, water retention and the like. In these conditions, medicinal plants can make a valuable contribution to a quick and rapid improvement. Due to the various fields of intervention of plants, the theme of herbal medicine is rather complex and delicate. Help for a better understanding of herbal remedies can come from the "herbal medicine questions and answers" section, a section included in our online magazine. In this section, users can send questions related to the vast world of medicinal plants. Each question will be answered by an expert. Among the most interesting questions in the section, "how to prepare a rose syrup", "which plants to use for conjunctivitis", "what properties does bitter grass possess". By comparing and sharing the various questions and answers, it is possible to learn something more about beneficial plants. It may also be discovered, for example, that bitter grass, considered by all to be a plant to combat excessive weight loss, actually includes various plants also used to treat other ailments. There is no shortage of questions relating to the cultivation, use and properties of medicinal plants, such as those relating to aloe and echinacea purpurea. These plants, when grown in the garden, can also have a remarkable decorative effect. Also worth reading are the questions and answers on the properties of eucalyptus, whose leaves and essences have always been used to treat coughs, phlegm and colds.
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