Planting the plants

Planting the plants

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To plant the plants it is not enough to make a hole and cover it with earth after placing the bread of earth. To plant the plants you need to keep some important precautions related to exposure, soil, mulch and irrigation that are very important and that you will be able to learn more about thanks to these videos. First of all, before planting a plant it is necessary to ask yourself two questions about the needs and characteristics of the species we want to plant in the garden. Before choosing the plants we must in fact know the exposure, the climate and the characteristics of the place where we want to plant our plants, to check if they are compatible with the characteristics of the species we have chosen. Once this first part has been planned, which can be labeled as design, you can move on to the actual construction phase. At this stage it is very important to optimally perform all the phases of excavation and planting of the plants and thanks to our video you can learn many tips on how to perform this part of the work correctly. In fact, watching real gardeners at work you can steal the technique of professionals with your eyes, ... continue

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continue ... , to use it with excellent results even in the garden of your home. Once the planting phase is over, there are many garden arrangement works aimed at giving a better appearance and greater ornamental value to the plants and greenery. Curbs, mulches, flower beds and plant bindings are very important operations to improve our garden and thanks to our videos you can find out how to carry out these beautiful works.

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