Stone fruit diseases

Stone fruit diseases

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Stone fruit adversity is the section of Our site that describes and proposes the remedy to the main dysfunctions of the plants that are part of the agrarian group of stone fruit.

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  • Pelleting of stone fruit

    The drupaceous planting typically causes particular holes on the foliage, but can also attack the fruits and the branches; where the fungus has penetrated the plant produces a rubbery exudate, very antiest
  • Monilia of stone fruit

    Stone fruit monilia is a fungal disease that occurs on foliage, on the wood of young twigs, and on fruits. The fungus produces branch cancers on the branches, where the wood dries up and produces
  • Corineo of the stone fruit

    The term Impallinatura, one of the terms used to indicate the corineum of stone fruit is due to the particular appearance of the leaves of the affected plants: they are completely holes
  • Diseases of stone fruit

    The diseases of stone fruit can be varied and it is important to know them to avoid even serious problems to your plants.
  • Peach bubble

    The peach bubble tends to develop in favorable climatic and environmental conditions, such as following a spring rain.
  • Stone fruit bacterial diseases

    One of the main causes of bacterial diseases of stone fruit lies in the fact that crops from abroad are often not subjected to preliminary tests for adaptability to our
  • Aphids on stone fruit

    When the aphids on stone fruit penetrate the cribrosi tubes, to make the lymph more fluid, they inject saliva inside them. In this way the lymph goes up the alimentary canal by exploiting the f
  • Bubble on stone fruit

    The stone fruit bubble is a disease of fungal origin, which manifests itself in early spring or late winter, starting from the first leaves produced by fruit plants. It develops especially s

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