Video garden-orchard

Video garden-orchard

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Gardening includes not only the methods of growing plants, but also vegetables and fruit trees. In fact, enthusiasts do not just love to cultivate decorative plants, but also those for human consumption. In short, creating and cultivating a vegetable garden is one of the most sought-after destinations by do-it-yourself gardeners. To really learn how to cultivate a vegetable garden or orchard, you can view the videos in our section. In fact, all the videos relating to vegetables and fruit trees are published in “video orchard-orchard”. Always placed in alphabetical order, the videos teach how to grow watermelon, onions, citrus fruits, peppers, kiwis, artichokes, apple trees, pear trees, cherries and many other vegetable and fruit plants. Each video lasts from two and a half to three and a half minutes. In no time, therefore, ... continue

Video garden-orchard

  • Grow salad

    For those who love the vegetable garden, here is an in-depth study with a lot of videos to learn how to grow the salad and discover all the secrets to obtain excellent results
  • Row and broadcast garden sowing

    Salads, small plants and other vegetables can be sown in the garden directly at home. Pr
  • Grow tomatoes

    The tomato is an annual plant native to South America; cultivation is easy and from
  • Watermelon

    Watermelons, or watermelons, are large fruits with a particular red pulp, very fresh and thirst-quenching,
  • Onions

    Onions are small annual herbaceous plants, of which we eat the fleshy leaves, which towards the base
  • Cultivate citrus fruits

    Almost all citrus plants belong to the citrus genus, they are shrubs or small trees
  • Grow artichokes

    Unlike most of the plants grown in the garden, artichokes are perennial plants; quin
  • Grow kiwifruit

    A video and an in-depth study dedicated to how to grow kiwifruit to know all the secrets relating to the cultivation of these fruit plants and make no mistake in their care
  • Growing peppers

    Pepper, hot pepper and sweet pepper plants are grown in Italy as annuals;
  • Grow basil

    It is one of the most used aromatic herbs in cooking, for sauces, sauces, salads, alone
  • Cultivate the cherry tree

    Cherry plants are easy to grow, quite rustic and vigorous, they don't fear gels
  • Cultivate the apple tree

    The apple tree, malus communis, is an easy to grow plant. It is planted in a sunny place;

continue ... , the video tutors explain and show how and when to plant garden plants, how and when to care for them and when to harvest them. The individual videos open with a brief botanical description of the individual species surveyed, and then arrive at an explanation of the most suitable type of soil and ideal exposure. For fruit trees, some hints are also reserved for pruning, a cultivation method that allows you to eliminate damaged parts and stimulate the tree's vegetative vigor. There is no shortage of videos dedicated to aromatic plants, a must in the garden. By watching the videos you can also learn how to have healthy, round and lush fruit vegetables. For the tomato, for example, it is necessary to periodically follow the femminellatura, that is the removal of the lateral shoots. These shoots should be removed with the fingers as soon as they form on the branches. The elimination of the buds stimulates the fruiting and the formation of red, large and round fruits. With the videos dedicated to the garden, you can also learn the cultivation of kiwis, fruit of a plant of the same name of Chinese origin. The kiwi is a climbing species that needs support structures to develop. The videos show just how to create these structures. In short, through the suggestions of our videos, taking care of the garden or creating one from scratch will no longer be a problem. The explanations of the videos are also accompanied by texts that report the same multimedia content. This will make it easier to put into practice everything you have learned while listening to and watching the video file.

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