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How many times have we dreamed of taking a trip out of town? Usually almost always, especially every weekend. Moving from home for a few hours can really be an opportunity to visit public parks and gardens with a certain charm and a certain history. Their discovery can also prove to be very instructive and educational, also because the "green" solutions of public places can then be replicated in private. This is precisely the purpose of the section dedicated to reviews of parks, gardens, villas and botanical gardens. With “a trip to” we want, in fact, to make known the magnificent natural and historical heritage present on the Italian territory, in order to acquire knowledge on the way of life and of managing all the various aspects of gardening. The parks and gardens scattered throughout the peninsula stand out for their perfect and harmonious shapes and geometries and for a style that is that of the Italian garden. In this type of garden the statues and fountains stand out, ... continue

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  • Villas and gardens

    Villas and gardens is the space in which lovers of gardening outings will find many insights dedicated to the best buildings, the best gardens and miles
  • The Boboli Gardens

    The Boboli Gardens is located in Florence and is one of the places not to be missed when visiting the city.
  • Giusti Garden Verona

    World famous for nature, art and history, the Giusti Garden in Verona was celebrated n
  • Ferrara botanical garden

    We have news of the activities of the University of Ferrara as early as 1392; in this university the Este family
  • Botanical garden of Siena

    It is generally believed that the Garden was founded in 1588, together with the establishment of the chair of
  • Botanical garden of Florence

    The Botanical Garden of Florence was founded in 1545 by Cosimo I, who, after having founded the Botanical Garden
  • Botanical garden of Bologna

    The Botanical Garden of the University of Bologna was founded in 1568, based on a project by Ulisse Aldrovandi; in Ital
  • Campigna

    Campigna is a small fraction of Santa Sofia in the province of Forlì, with a few houses and a couple of hotels. It is the highest village in the Bidente valley. The surrounding area is the destination of various g
  • Pralormo Castle

    In the castle of Pralormo, an ancient Savoy residence, there is so much material of daily use, which often set up special thematic exhibitions, in a path that documents life in the beautiful and
  • Roncade Castle

    The Castle of Roncade is located in the town of the same name in the Treviso area, very charming and charming, a few kilometers from Venice. The majestic complex, dating back to the Renaissance period, has the
  • San Pelagio Castle

    In the Castle of San Pelagio, in addition to admiring gardens, rose gardens and labyrinths, it is possible to have large exclusive spaces where to organize events, congresses and ceremonies, in a unique and characteristic place.
  • Torcrescence Castle

    At the gates of Rome it is possible to admire the magnificent secular complex of the Torcrescenza Castle. Equipped with exclusive suites, gardens, waterfalls and a splendid guesthouse, this elegant one of

continue ... , with paths and trails full of Mediterranean plants and shrubs. No less interesting are the botanical gardens, now present in the main provincial capitals. These immense gardens are home to thousands of plant species classified by type and origin. The management of public gardens is frequently entrusted to universities, which organize study courses and research projects on plants and the plant world in general. Italian parks and public gardens are also made up of historic monuments and villas, or buildings that belonged to personalities and noble personalities of the past. Visiting these places therefore means immersing yourself in a journey of history and culture, without ever forgetting nature and gardening. The most important gardens are of Renaissance origin. We recall as an example the Boboli Gardens in Florence. In fact, the Boboli Gardens include a series of spectacular and luxurious gardens created in the Renaissance era. The botanical gardens and historic villas also date back to more distant times, especially medieval ones. Others may also be more recent, such as the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, in Merano, the manor was in fact built in 1850 in a place where ancient medieval ruins stood. Reviews of parks and public gardens are also accompanied by information on visiting hours and guided tours. In this way it will be possible to organize "all inclusive" trips without neglecting any aspect of these wonderful places. Every single public place, of both historical and natural significance, certainly deserves to be surveyed and visited.

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