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Life in the countryside is made up of many small things, of agricultural work, harvesting of fruits and the production of products deriving from the harvest. If you grow vines and olive trees, you will get grapes and olives and then also wine and oil. These products are processed in cellars and oil mills respectively. Sometimes, however, if you have a plot of land with vines and olive trees, these products can also be processed and used for private use. The harvesting of grapes and olives is a very important practice in agricultural regions and there are many families of farmers who exploit the products of the earth to produce good wine and excellent homemade olive oil. The production of these precious food products is carried out thanks to the use of specific tools. In fact, various tools are used for the harvesting, processing and conservation of the product. Their modes of operation and their characteristics deserve to be explored in a special section full of contents.The tools for oil and wine range from tools for harvesting the fruit to those for pressing and preserving the final product . If the same product is marketed, ... continue

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continue ... , the tools are also enriched with bottles, caps and containers. The tools that make it possible to produce oil and wine, however, vary according to the type of product. The harvesting tools, for example, are different for grapes and olives. The first is harvested by hand; while the olives, with special tools or machinery. For the production of olive oil we use, starting from the harvest of the fruits, the shakers, the intercepting umbrellas, the facilitators for the collection, the harvester for hanging fruits, the defoliators, the vibrating combs, the crushers and the squeezer . For the production of wine, on the other hand, the following are used: the roller crusher, a manual tool that crushes the grapes after harvesting to reduce them to must, the crusher-destemmer, a mechanical tool that separates the grapes from the stalks (woody branches), the presses, while crushing. the pumps, fermentation vats and barrels. The tools common to oil and wine processing are presses and containers. The former are used to separate the peel and bone, or berries and peel, to obtain respectively the juice of the olives and grapes, from which the oil and wine will then be produced. The containers for oil and wine are used to preserve the products and to guarantee their quality, but also their good fermentation. The modern containers for oil and wine are made of stainless steel, a material capable of maintaining the quality of the final product unaltered. These containers, if small in size, are also used for self-consumption. In the cellars and professional mills, specific containers are used that are able to protect the color, smell and flavor of the final product to the maximum. In these structures, large stainless steel containers equipped with a dispensing spout are now used. The aforementioned containers have now replaced the traditional ones, that is the oak barrel for wine and the glass bottles with external walls stuffed. For the production of wine, the mostimeter is also used, a device that allows you to measure the acidity of the must and the sugar level of the same. Other tools are the rackers, which allow you to transfer the product into containers. There are so many tools for oil and wine and it would be really impossible to list them all, which is why we have dedicated a specific section to them full of informative content. Whether they are used for professional reasons or for private reasons, all tools for the production of oil and wine must preserve and guarantee the quality of the final product. Containers, for example, must be stored in precise conditions of humidity and temperature. These conditions can be recreated by equipping with appropriate air conditioners. It should also be known that the oak barrels for wine also guarantee its aging without the deposit of solid compounds. If the olives and wine are produced for professional use, it is also necessary to have machinery for bottling and labeling. For small quantities for private use, bottles and caps to be screwed on manually are fine. The quality of the product is also guaranteed by a good conservation. Containers with wine and oil should therefore be stored away from heat sources and sunlight. The bottled product can then be stored in special lockers. Tools for oil and wine are much more specific than those for common gardening activities. Often included in accessories for professional activities, these tools can be bought at stores specialized in the supply of tools and furnishings for wine bars and cellars. The costs of tools for oil and wine depend on the type of production, the operating mechanism and the size of the tool. Small stainless steel containers for oil and wine cost no more than seventy euros, while professional ones with a capacity of over two hundred liters can cost up to one thousand five hundred euros. Mechanical harvesting tools also come with a certain price. Therefore, if you intend to produce oil and wine for professional reasons, it is advisable to draw up a business plan of possible costs and potential revenues to also request any financing.

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