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Lovers of bonsai know all the processes and the months in which these must be carried out and are equally well aware of the importance of the timing of intervention. Performing an intervention on your bonsai in the appropriate month is essential to have satisfactory results and thanks to this section of our site even less experienced bonsai lovers will be able to know month by month which intervention is more appropriate without ever forgetting any work. Even if they are miniature trees, bonsai need to be looked after as much and perhaps more than other plants. In fact, bonsai enthusiasts know that bonsai are obtained from life-sized plants that are grown as pre-bonsai and then forced to become miniature trees. Therefore, the best results are obtained only if you intervene on a constant and regular basis. This is why our online magazine publishes the section "bonsai works of the month". Through detailed textual content, ... continue

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continue ... , all the interventions to be practiced on bonsai during the 12 months of the year are revealed and explained. As it is structured, the section becomes a sort of online calendar or virtual reminder in which the most important interventions and deadlines are marked. Passionate bonsai enthusiasts may remember them all, but newbies and those who approach the fantastic world of miniature plants for the first time may need to be guided in the knowledge of all the cultivation practices to be reserved for bonsai. Following our section, you will find for example that, in January, miniature trees should be watered at the bottom. In March, however, some species of bonsai should be repotted before the vegetative restart begins. In July, the bonsai should be irrigated with the immersion technique, or by placing the pot inside a container with water. The water must reach the edge of the pot, while the immersion must last until the soil appears wet. Furthermore, in August, the woody cuttings of the species that you want to develop can be taken. In September, bonsai can be exhibited in a well-lit place. Other precautions and interventions must also be applied during the other months, but to know this it is essential to read the contents of our section. By following all the tips and techniques indicated in the articles, the less experienced will be able to memorize the most important interventions, but also those that at first glance may seem less relevant. The recommendations are all targeted and written with competence and attention to detail. The section "bonsai works of the month" is therefore an indispensable tool to know all the interventions and cultivation practices to be implemented for your bonsai. By following our advice step by step, you will learn not to skip any intervention and to know all the needs of bonsai plants. The result of the cultivation interventions will result in healthy-looking bonsai plants with a high decorative yield.

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