Making a lawn

Making a lawn

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Discover the single video package dedicated to those who want to create an English lawn in their own home that will explain all the secrets to obtain a splendid turf able to give even more value to the home and garden. Making a lawn is the free video course that will allow you to know all the theoretical bases to finally create your lawn in your home or to get closer to the world of gardening and greenery ... but not only! Creating a lawn is in fact above all a free guide that will allow you to observe real professionals at work, thus allowing you to learn the techniques from their actions. In addition to the introductory video, with which you will approach the topic, in this video course you will find very interesting packages dedicated to the preliminary stages of creating a turf, ... continue

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continue ... , to the actual operational phases, and to the final and post-plant phases. First of all, when you decide to create a lawn, it is essential to evaluate the soil and the exposure, on the basis of which we will then choose the type of grass to sow. Once this is done, the soil must be cleaned and weeded, important steps to give the soil a virgin aspect. These preliminary phases will then be followed by the actual operational phases such as tillage, sowing, laying of clods and subsequently the mowing of the grass and post-planting treatments. We have dedicated a specific, short and clear video to each of these very delicate phases, to allow you to learn more about all the operational phases of creating a lawn. Depending on the size of the garden in which we want to install a turf, we will use different machinery, to speed up and make the different phases less demanding.

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