Apple and pear diseases

Apple and pear diseases

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The pomaceous adversity section offers a very interesting study that deals with the main diseases of this family of plants. Insects, fungi and nutritional problems are revealed one by one.

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  • Common Red Spider

    The common spider mite is a very widespread mite in the cultivation of vegetables and the main ornamental trees. Usually the parasite shows up in the summer, when the hot weather and sec
  • Diseases of pome fruit

    Pomaceae are a category of plants widely cultivated for fruits ... find out which are the most common pomace diseases and how to counter them.
  • Carpocapsa

    The carpocapsa is one of the most feared parasites by those who grow apples and pears: these insects in the larval state penetrate the fruits, producing tunnels and burrows, eating the pulp. Often the fruits
  • Pear tree tingide

    Scarcely mobile insects, they remain on trees and herbaceous plants forming very numerous gatherings, generally on the lower part of the leaves. They cause discoloration to the affected parts and moles
  • Cancer of the Pomaceae

    Pome fruit cancer is a cortical disease that affects the branches of fruit trees and especially of apple and pear trees. The fungus responsible for this cancer attacks the parts
  • Pear Bacterial Fire Shot

    In order to be able to prevent and treat plants adequately and to be able to avoid them being hit by the fire blight of the pear tree, it would be advisable to understand how to intervene correctly for
  • Yellow hairpin

    To be able to prevent infestation by the yellow rodilegno moth it would be advisable to adequately know the insect, its habits, how to be able to combat infestations and
  • Pear scab

    Pear scab is a disease that generally develops in the presence of humid environments and with poor air circulation. Prevention is essential to avoid that the pear tree can eg
  • Red Hairstyle

    To be able to ensure healthy growth of plants and to ensure that yields are optimal, you should know how to counteract the attacks by the red woodruff, learning to recognize
  • Tentredine or Oplocampa del Pero

    The propagation of the Tentredine or Oplocampa del Pero inside the plantations is remarkable due to the possibility of each single larva to move from one fruit to another during its development.
  • Apple scab

    Apple scab is a plant disease caused by the venturia inaequalis fungus, and is characterized by the presence of dark spots on the fruit. Like all mushrooms, it proliferates in spring
  • Psylla del Pero

    The psyllum of the pear tree is a phytophagous insect, that is, it feeds on plants, slowly causing their depression. When it attacks the plant it can undergo deformations, vegetative stops, asphyxiation or scaldat

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