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Video plants apartment

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Houseplants are all those species that can be grown indoors. Some of these also adapt to life in the garden, but growing at home requires specific techniques and care. These techniques and the relative treatments are explained in detail in the “video apartment plants” section of our site, dedicated to videos on the main indoor plants. The duration of these videos is always equal to about three minutes, standard duration of videos on the web, but ideal for quickly learning all the concepts related to plant cultivation. The videos are dedicated to single species of plants, always listed in alphabetical order. By clicking on the title of the plant, you will access the web page containing the video and the text where the same concepts shown in the multimedia file are shown. The videos are dedicated, among other things, to acmea, ... continue

continue ... , typical houseplant, with azalea, beucarnea, a shrub native to Central America and belonging to the succulent genus. Among the most interesting videos, even those that explain how to grow ferns and aromatic plants at home. Through videos you can learn ideas, methods and concepts that are sometimes unknown. For example, you can learn that cyclamen should be grown indoors in autumn. With the videos you can also learn the cultivation of senecio cineraria, a perennial plant with yellow flowers and gray leaves that develops like a round bush. The video resources dedicated to indoor plants are so many and all extremely useful. Watching the videos you can learn how to transform your home into a real indoor garden. In case of difficulty in fixing the concepts, you can decide to review the video or to read the textual content that corresponds exactly to the multimedia one. Among the videos in the section, there are also those dedicated to Christmas plants, such as the fir and the poinsettia, especially to be kept in the apartment only on holidays. The videos also teach us to grow palm trees at home, in particular the varieties that by nature have adapted to live indoors. The videos that teach how to grow yuccas, plants commonly known as "logs of happiness" are also interesting and curious. These plants, originally from South America, reach a height of ten or fifteen meters. When placed indoors, they almost never exceed three meters. Video assets can truly turn you into skilled apartment gardeners. To become such, however, you have to watch the videos. What are you waiting for? Our multimedia resources can't wait to be viewed!

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