How to make an irrigation system

How to make an irrigation system

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Find out how to make an irrigation system by watching our video tutorials carefully. Thanks to the advice of true professionals in plant irrigation, you will discover step by step how to create a state of the art system. Our video course dedicated to how to make an irrigation system will explain all the secrets of its realization step by step. The design of the system is the first phase of the realization and it is essential to carry it out carefully to avoid waste, errors and forgetfulness that can be reflected over time in poor growth of plants and the garden. Thanks to the video dedicated to excavation, pipe covering and pipe laying techniques, you will be able to learn in practical terms what must be done to lay a plant. How to dig, where to dig, find the right depth ... these are all aspects that seem nonsense to an experienced gardener but which are instead very important for a novice who is for the first time to make a plant. The video dedicated to the installation of the system will allow those who want to know more about irrigation systems to know how to assemble the different parts of the system, ... continue

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continue ... , how to assemble the elbows and pipes and how to lay the different system components: control units, solenoid valves, pipes, fittings and manholes.

Another aspect to consider to which we have dedicated a very interesting video is when and where to water, because not all plants have the same needs and therefore the irrigation doses and timing must be modified according to the species. On the other hand, a difficult thing for many people is the adjustment of the control unit and even more difficult is to connect the solenoid valves and start irrigating the garden but thanks to our video tutorial you will also be able to learn more about these topics and learn how to fix these elements of the system.

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