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Pots are suitable containers to house plants. Large, small, round or rectangular, the pots are suitable for the cultivation of different species. Not all are suitable for being buried in these containers, but most of the plants lend themselves very well to “tailor-made” cultivation, as they say. The pots are used, in fact, in very small or limited spaces, such as terraces and balconies, but also in gardens where there is not enough space for open field cultivation. The vases can also have an intense decorative value, especially to emphasize the entrances of a house or the paths of a garden with a classic and strongly traditional style. The pots are also used for the cultivation of plants in the apartment, or as ornaments on which to place fresh, dried, fake or flowered decorative plants. The pots for growing plants are frequently made of terracotta (earthenware) and plastic. The best material is the first because it is breathable and absorbs excess moisture. The shard has the disadvantage of being too heavy to move (especially for large plants) and of breaking easily even with minimal falls or trauma. Plastic is, ... continue

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continue ... , on the other hand, a comfortable and versatile material, easy to clean and move, but with the disadvantage of being waterproof and not allowing good water drainage. The cultivation of plants in plastic pots should be reserved only for those plants that do not have an excessive susceptibility to water stagnation, because otherwise there is a risk of causing root rot. The earthenware and plastic pots must in any case be accompanied by a hole at the base and a saucer, to facilitate the drainage of excess water. The vases, as mentioned at the beginning of our article, can have different shapes: the rectangular ones are called planters. A planter is used to cultivate several flowering plants or aromatic species or garden plants (compatible with each other) at the same time. Placed on the balcony, the planters allow you to create a small green corner to be taken care of with simplicity. On a large garden, however, the same can give life to real plant compositions that imitate flower beds or open field borders. The planters can be made of the same material as the pots: earthenware and plastic. Like the vases, there are also wooden and concrete planters. The choice between one material and the other will be made based on the type of plant to be grown or based on the aesthetic goals to be achieved.

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