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Don't know how to grow bulbs or how to plant a winter plant? No fear. To learn the basic concepts of plant cultivation, you can consult the "specials" of Our site, a section that collects all the most curious and interesting green themes. Many of the topics covered are truly unique and often unavailable on other web information sources. The title of the section, or “special”, arises from the fact that the choice and cultivation of plants almost always have something special, but there are occasions when the same plants take on an even more particular and special role. For example, think of the Christmas star, a symbol of one of the most beautiful and exciting holidays of the year. Our specials also contain numerous references to other "habits" relating to Christmas, ... continue

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  • Amaryllis

    Do you want to find out how to grow amaryllis? Enter the page and discover with us the generalities, characteristics, curiosities and meaning of the flower!
  • Winter flowers

    Winter flowers are the only type of flowers that are able to guarantee a little color in the garden even in the coldest months of the year. Hellebores, violets and skimmies are just some of the most
  • The hedges

    Making a hedge always requires a moment of planning before the actual operational phase ... here are many suggestions for deciding the species
  • Pomegranate

    Pomegranate is a plant used both as a fruit plant and as a flowering plant. These are obviously two different varieties although both are very popular. The pomegranate produces a fruit
  • Oleander

    Discover all the characteristics of the oleander and learn how to grow this plant by reading our in-depth information sheet full of tips
  • Ground cover plants

    Ground cover plants are plants that grow low to the ground and densely cover the ground and for this reason they are widely used for flower beds and borders.
  • Aquatic plants

    Aquatic plants are plants, usually shrubs, which have specifically specialized organs c
  • Gardening tools

    Professional gardeners and last-minute hobbyists know for sure that to work in the garden in
  • Sapphire - Sternbergia

    About ten species of small cro-like bulbs belong to the genus sternbergia
  • The colors of Autumn

    When we design our new garden, or we want to plant new plants, we generally choose
  • Christmas decorations

    Is Christmas at the door? Decorate your home with lights and colors, to enjoy your holidays in a more cheerful way and share the joy of this period with your family
  • Agave Aloe

    An in-depth study on agave and aloe, two succulent plants among the most popular in the ornamental field and not only ...
  • Christmas tree

    If we have decided to buy a real fir, sure that it comes from cultivation and was not p
  • Christmas tree

    Together with the nativity scene, the Christmas tree is certainly one of the most loved festive rituals of all, for adults and children!
  • Christmas tree

    An article full of ideas and advice on the Christmas fir to find some inspiration and make your own Fir with a touch of style and innovation
  • Watering

    During the summer surely the gardens show us their best sides: blooms abound

continue ... , like the decorations, the choice of fir and much more. Wanting to get out of the simple Christmas theme, we point out that the specials on gardening also include themes relating to the other seasons. In fact, reading the various titles, you will find themes on how to grow spring plants and on how to have magnificent balconies in bloom. In short, in the section dedicated to specials you will find all the “cult” topics of our online magazine, perhaps published in previous issues or in other sections. Finding them all together in a single section will allow you to have all the basic notions of gardening at your fingertips, starting from the first planting of plants, up to fertilization and pruning. The specials also host contents on tools to be used in the garden and on the furnishings needed to transform it into a relaxation corner. The contents relating to design software for garden furniture are also very interesting, real "goodies" to learn how to use and know software that can really transform you into skilled designers of your garden. There is no shortage of information on how to cultivate particular species of plants, including rare spices and aromatic and medicinal plants. And what about the content on gardening courses? In a few simple steps you can learn one of the most exciting hobbies in the world and maybe even turn it into a profession. To succeed in this venture, just read our "specials" on gardening. If you haven't done it yet, do it now, to preview the most important secrets of DIY gardening.

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