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Bonsai art is something extremely ancient and elevated, an art that also in our country finds many followers and many enthusiasts. In this section of our site entirely dedicated to bonsai you will find videos, cards and countless insights all dedicated to bonsai. Knowing the different bonsai styles, learning which species are most suitable for bonsai cultivation and learning the main techniques of the bonsai expert will seem easier reading the articles of our site.

The art of bonsai it is a delicate and complex thing that takes time and patience to learn. Begin to study the characteristics of bonsai and different styles is undoubtedly the first step to approach this world. In bonsai files you will find dozens and dozens of in-depth studies dedicated to the most common plant species, such as fir, maple or apple, but made in bonsai style but not only. For all bonsai lovers, we have created detailed information sheets on particular types of trees such as grove bonsai, or on particular topics such as maintenance work relating to bonsai. For those who want to learn a lot of information about the different bonsai styles, in the homonymous section you will find a lot of in-depth material to learn more about the different styles. Cascade, Beaten by the wind, inclined, broom and raft are just some of the names and types of styles that we can find and learn more about by reading the articles in this section. A good theoretical basis is always necessary to experiment and implement a complex technique like that of bonsai.

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    Inside the general file you will find, in a very schematic way, many bonsai of the most disparate species with an annexed schematic summary of their primary needs (exposure, pruning, repotting, fertilization, etc.) ... go to the Bonsai sheet section

  • Bonsai styles

    Bonsai is an art with codified and rather rigid styles and methods. In this styles section you will find all the methods to obtain the main types of bonsai: upright, inclined, cascading and much more .... go to the Bonsai styles section

  • Jobs of the month bonsai

    The maintenance and care of bonsai are fundamental aspects to have plants always in order and in health and a scheduled maintenance month by month can make our life easier avoiding forgetfulness regarding interventions and cultivation care ... go to the section Jobs of the month bonsai

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