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Flowers are a great way to communicate but to express your feelings correctly you need to know the meaning and language of flowers. In Fiori you will find all the essential information to always give the right species on different occasions, thus always managing to express emotions and feelings with a non-verbal language. In Fiori you will also find a lot of information to compose beautiful bouquets of flowers or to prepare dried flower arrangements, and the insights dedicated to the florist will help you better understand the art of flower arrangement.

In addition to normal flowers and compositions of real flowers, there is also a real art dedicated to fake flowers and dried flowers. Composing fake flowers and dried flowers is obviously different from making bouquets and bouquets with real and fresh flowers. Skills and tricks typical of this type of decorations are required and thanks to the articles in our sections you can get an idea on how to compose bouquets and bunches of dried flowers. Paper flowers deserve a separate discussion, a delicate topic to which we have dedicated an entire section to introduce the techniques to all enthusiasts and to give new stimuli to those who already know very well the techniques for making paper flowers.

  • Language of flowers

    Knowing the meaning and language of flowers is of fundamental importance in order not to make a bad impression and to never get the wrong type of flowers on every occasion. Find out which flower to give according to each context .... go to the Language of flowers section

  • Spontaneous vegetation

    This section of Our site reviews all the species classified as spontaneous vegetation, i.e. those plants that normally grow in meadows and fields not cultivated because they are typical of a habitat and rooted in the territory .... go to the section Spontaneous vegetation

  • Wildflowers

    Cornflower, hyacinth and jasmine are just some of the species found in wildflowers, a section of the site dedicated to the most beautiful garden flowers .... go to the Wildflowers section

  • Poems

    For our readers who love literature, our site offers with this section a splendid review of author's poems dedicated to flowers and plants. ... go to the Poems section

  • Questions and Answers Flowers

    Write your question in the "Questions and answers flowers" section and a gardening expert will answer you as soon as possible. Ask a question! ... go to the Questions and Answers section Flowers

  • Paper flowers

    Making paper flowers is a lot of fun and starting from the basics you can get excellent results with a little calm, dedication and a lot of practice. Discover the techniques, methods and many interesting jobs to be inspired by .... go to the Paper flowers section

  • Composition of fake flowers

    Making fake flower arrangements requires technique and passion and is not the same as making fresh flower arrangements. The materials must be treated differently and some important precautions must be taken to create quality compositions .... go to the section Composition of fake flowers

  • Flowers composition

    Do you want to improve your technique in the composition of flowers? Do you want to know new ways to combine the flowers of your compositions or are you looking for ideas for new floral compositions? Look among our in-depth articles and you will surely find something interesting ... go to the section Flower arrangement

  • Florist

    The art of the florist is learned over the years and is given not only by the ability to enhance and keep beautiful cut flowers, but also by the ability to know how to combine the different flowers and the different colors, creating compositions that make the flower bouquet a gift always appreciated ... go to the Florist section

  • Plant flowers

    Some plant flowers are truly beautiful and can represent something very special. Blooms such as peach, cherry or almond trees are a real spectacle of nature that is worth getting to know better .... go to the section Flowers of the plants

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