Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

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In addition to flowers, plants and vegetables, at home you can also grow countless medicinal plants that can be used for various purposes. At Herbalist's we will teach you to recognize, use and cultivate the best medicinal plants, to allow even beginners to grow these very useful plants in the garden or on the balcony of the house. We will then explain how to use the different extracts and the numerous preparations that are produced with the best medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants can be used to relieve aches and mild health problems. In fact, many drugs are made using active ingredients from plants and resynthesized in the laboratory. Furthermore, at a more homeopathic level, medicinal plants are used to prepare creams, essential oils, tinctures and other products widely used at the herbalist level. In fact, who does not know arnica, aloe, chamomile or lemon balm or has never used a cream based on these plants? Thanks to the cards in this section you will be able to discover all the characteristics of the main medicinal plants, their beneficial effects and the possible uses that can be made of these plants.

In addition to medicinal plants, in this section you will find a large space dedicated to herbal teas, infusions and decoctions. Many people love to support their diet and give a hand to their body by frequently consuming herbal teas and decoctions of medicinal plants. The main types of plants used for making infusions and herbal teas will be examined in the sections of this column. Those who love this genre, in addition to learning about curiosities and preparation methods relating to well-known plants such as mallow, chamomile or mint, will be able to learn more about particular and lesser-used plants such as ginger, artichoke or laurel.

  • Medical plants

    Medicinal plants are species with healing properties that are used, both in medicine and in natural remedies, for their special characteristics. In this section you will find articles on Bach flowers, essential oils and medicinal plants .... go to the Medicinal Plants section

  • Herbal glossary

    This therapeutic properties glossary is a convenient summary of all the terms used most often in the field of phytotherapy, medicinal herbs and natural remedies .... go to the Herbal Medicine Glossary section

  • Active principles

    Within the active ingredients you will find the detailed list and description of the main active ingredients of which medicinal plants are equipped. Alkaloids, bitters, starches and tannins are just some of the principles discussed .... go to the Active ingredients section

  • Questions and Answers Herbalist

    For topics not covered in this section or to ask specific questions, use this section! In questions and answers, an expert from the editorial staff of Our site will take care of answering your curiosity and giving you useful advice on the herbalist topic. Go ... go to the Herbalist's Questions and Answers section

  • Natural remedies

    Plants and nature offer many stimuli to try to cure plants in a natural way. In this section you will find many insights dedicated to natural remedies for the main health problems ... go to the Natural Remedies section

  • Officinal plants

    Discover medicinal plants and their fantastic properties! Used for both cosmetics and drugs, medicinal plants can help us feel better if taken with the correct doses and methods ... go to the Officinal Plants section

  • Aloe

    Aloe is a succulent plant whose beneficial and therapeutic properties have been greatly enhanced in recent years. Let's discover the benefits, uses and products made with aloe and discover together how this plant and its active ingredients can help us in the re ... go to the Aloe section

  • Herbal teas

    Taking herbal teas in the evening can be a good habit and can help us improve our well-being. In this section you can discover the best types of herbal teas and the methods for their preparation by reading our articles and trying to prepare the herbal teas yourself ... go to the Herbal teas section

  • Infusions

    Similar to herbal teas but different in preparation, infusions also deserve a place of honor among the natural remedies that can be used to eliminate ailments or small seasonal ills. Read our sheets and find out how to make the best infusions .... go to the Infusions section

  • Decoctions

    In decoctions you will find many ideas to prepare and make your decoctions, from ginger to artichoke to birch, learning to exploit plants for their active ingredients and for their beneficial properties ... go to the Decoctions section

  • Tablets and Tablets

    In the field of herbal medicine many active principles of numerous plants can be taken, as well as by direct form, also through tablets and tablets. Discover the main types of tablets and tablets that are used in herbal medicine ... go to the Tablets and Tablets section

  • Plant juices

    From fresh plants you can get very beneficial juices in terms of health. Just squeeze the most watery parts of some plants and it is possible to obtain plant juices that can lend a hand to our body in regaining well-being. Let's find out how to get the juices of ... go to the Plant Juices section

  • Mother tinctures

    For lovers of herbal medicine and phytotherapy, mother tinctures are an excellent resource. Obtained from the maceration of the plant put in solution with alcohol and water, they contain the active ingredients of fresh plants and therefore can bring considerable benefits .... go to the Mother Tinctures section

  • Natural Creams

    Natural creams are creams that can easily be found in herbal medicine made with plant products but above all with a very limited or absent use of chemical products, in the logic of a search for cosmetic products always oriented to the use of the most natural products possible ... go to the Natural Creams section

  • Essential oils

    Essential oils are obtained from aromatic plants through an extraction process and represent the part of the plant that is richer in perfumes and aromas. To learn about the best species and how to extract them, visit this section ... go to the Essential Oils section

  • Organic Honey

    In a climate of growing interest in organic products, organic honey has also acquired an important position. To produce it you must follow a rigid and precise disciplinary but the quality of the result is evident even to an untrained palate .... go to the Organic Honey section

  • Natural Syrup

    Natural syrups are highly sought after by those who want to heal seasonal ailments such as coughs, but without using drugs or other chemically synthesized products .... go to the Natural Syrup section

  • Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are fruits of the undergrowth and meadows that are excellent in the kitchen and ideal to eat fresh or when they are in season but also to be kept dry or in oil for other types of recipes ... let's discover together the different species that we can find in nature ... go to the Mushrooms section

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