Pig breeds: Large Black

Pig breeds: Large Black

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

In the United Kingdom it is considered one of the most resistant breeds and has been selected since 1899. Rustic and early breed that is well suited to outdoor breeding. It resists very well to both low and high temperatures.
Good fertility and prolificity, such as breastfeeding ability. It produces excellent lean meat and its conformation is similar to that of the current Danish Landrace, while up to a few decades ago it was closer to Large White.
After the Large White it is the second breed bred in England. Large Black, introduced several times in Italy, has never spread. The reason is to be found in the fact that the intended use was in industrial type farms, while if it had been used in other more natural types of farm the positive response would not have been lacking.
It lends itself excellently to the production of heavy transformation pigs reared organically in open-air systems (from Mario Giannone's organic pig farm).

Morphological characteristics

Large pig, with long, large and hanging ears, carried forward enough to reach and surpass the snout. The head is of medium length with a pointed snout.
The frontal-nasal profile is concave.
Pronounced muscle masses. The shape resembles that of the Large White.
The skin is slate pigmented and the bristles are bright black.

Large Black breed sow (photo Alessio Zanon)

Large Black (photo http://northernhorse.com)

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