Cattle breeds: Pasturina

Cattle breeds: Pasturina

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Origin and diffusion area

The Pasturina breed was obtained in Tuscany (Italy) by crossing and subsequent mingling between the Maremmana and Chianina breeds.
The breed became completely extinct following the depopulation of the breeding areas.
Recently the above mentioned crossbreed has been carried out again and there are some garments which however for now cannot yet be considered a breed but simply Mar x Chian crossbreeds.
Pasturina: Modest group of cattle that is found in the Casentino (Arezzo), derives from the crossing of the local podolica (Maremmana) with the Chianina with prevalent blood of this. The subjects present themselves with a lyre-shaped frame, a white to gray coat, fairly short and robust limbs, dark skin. They are primarily suitable for work. (page 518 of Bovini - published in Turin - by Ottavio Parisi, famous and esteemed zootechnician who worked for many years in Modena at the local experimental center for zootechnics).

Morphological characteristics

Productive characteristics

Pasturina (photo

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