Summary notes: Analytical estimate of a rustic background

Summary notes: Analytical estimate of a rustic background

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Phases of the analytical estimate of a rustic fund conducted in direct economywith dairy cows

1. Introduction

2. Description of the fund:

    • Land capital
    • Agricultural capital:
  • Machines and tools
  • Livestock:
  • Calculation of forage availability
  • Calculation of the livable live weight
  • Composition of the barn
  • Stock products
    • Determination of working days

3. Estimate of the ordinary value of the fund (direct economic management):

    • Analysis of gross salable production (gross profit from stable)
    • Cost analysis:
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Quote
  • Taxes and contributions
  • Wages
  • Salaries
  • Interests
    • Calculation of the ordinary land benefit
    • Search for the capitalization essay
    • Calculation of the ordinary value

4. Additions and deductions to the ordinary value:

    • Additions
    • Deductions

5. Calculation of the market value

6. Conclusion

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