Rabbits: Pearl Fairy

Rabbits: Pearl Fairy

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Pearly Fairy (Fairy Pearly - Perlfee)

Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: LIGHT BREEDS CATEGORY.
Weight: 2.5 - 3.0 kg.

This breed was selected in Germany by crossing Havana and Fairy of Marburg subjects. It is not very common. Light breed with good bearing, elegant and lively in general appearance. The body is strong and with well rounded lines. It has a uniform color throughout the body and three shades are allowed: light, medium (the most appreciated) and dark. The fur is thick, with the tip of the main hairs light gray and dark gray that give it the typical gray-blue appearance. There are areas with much lighter coloration around the eyes, under the jaw, on the chest and on the inside of the legs. Laddome is white and the undercoat is gray-blue. A slightly brownish area separates the color of the abdomen from that of the rest of the body.

Serious defects

Many white hairs; tufts or white spots; whitish neck triangle; colorless nails; lack of subcolor on the belly.

Male rabbit of Perlata Fairy breed (photo National Association of Italian Rabbit Farmers ANCI)

Male Rabbit of the Pearl Fairy breed (photo website)

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Cristiano Papeschi - The Sextante
All aspects related to his presence in the home are treated clearly and sympathetically, from hospitalization to feeding, from coexistence with other animals to daily care, from reproduction to his health.
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