Forest crops: Cerro

Forest crops: Cerro

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Classification, origin and diffusion

Division: Spermatophyta
Subdivision: Angiospermae
Class: Dicotyledones
Family: Fagaceae

Originally from South-Eastern Europe and Asia Minor. Beautiful Cerro woods are found all along the Apennines.

Cerro leaf and fruits

Cerro - Quercus cerris L. (photo

General characteristics

Size and bearing
Up to 35 meters high, with oval crown, elongated, medium compact.
Trunk and bark
Straight trunk with hard, spongy, ash gray and cracked bark in adult plants.
Deciduous leaves, of variable shape, first tomentose, then opaque and rough in the upper part, pubescent in the lower part, almost leathery.
Reproductive structures
Monoecious plant with unisexual flowers. The acorns (2.5 cm) are placed on the branches of the previous year, reddish brown in color, with longitudinal streaks, half covered by a wooden dome with characteristic curled scales.


The wood, less valuable than that of other oaks, is mainly used as fuel. Hard but not very resistant, it is used for railway sleepers after being impregnated.
It is easily distinguished from other oaks by its characteristic acorns.

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