Goat breeds: Gray Goat

Goat breeds: Gray Goat

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Origin and diffusion

Swiss breed. It originates from the Ticino and Graubünden valleys, where its existence was documented over 100 years ago. The decrease in the numerical consistency of this breed is due to the non-recognition of the gray goat during the restoration of the goat breeds of 1938 and to the recent fight against the CAE virus. These were the causes that contributed to the almost extinction of the breed. Since the 90s, ProSpecieRara has been committed to this breed and tries to give it new perspectives.
The gray goat or "Cavra del sass" as it is called in Val Calanca exists in three gray variations: from silver gray to light brown to mottled dark gray. Its strong Alpine-type horns are preferably saber-like. Its musculature, hard hooves and step safety mean that this beautiful goat is suitable for South Alpine life. It is a robust, resistant and frugal breed.
Other information

Morphological and productive characteristics

Height at the withers:
- male: 75 - 85 cm
- female: 70 - 80 cm
- males: 65 - 80 kg
- female: 45 - 55 kg

body size: harmonious, robust, broad body, good musculature, good chest depth, not overly stalked. Noble and light head, rather long and narrow, horns.
cloak: short and thick hair; absence of brown or red hair; the base color is gray (mixture of white and pigmented hairs) with its different shades, in proportion to the proportion between white and pigmented hairs. The gray color in different shades must cover the entire surface of the animal's body. Row black mill.
Arts: the distal part of the limbs, below the hock and the zoognostic knee can be black or dark gray.
Head: Frosting (= hoarfrost) accepted on the muzzle and ears: white parts accepted with half-black hair.
Arts: tendinosis and strong enough; dry joints, strong elastic ankles; correct and parallel limbs, closed and hard nails.
gait: lively, agile and straight; good walker over long distances.
Breast: glandular and compact, regular development, wide attachment, of medium size, without preventing gait.
Nipples: good position, medium length and diameter, correctly attached to the breast.

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