Breeds of dogs: Estonian Hound

Breeds of dogs: Estonian Hound

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Estonia.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

In Estonia, before its annexation by the Soviet Union and its subsequent independence, a particular type of Hound was used, used in hunting large animals. These dogs had numerous fans in the more affluent classes. Some believe that the Estonian Hound has very ancient origins and that it has not undergone alterations following crosses with other breeds. Following the social changes, due to the policy that resulted after Estonia became part of the Soviet Union, the breeding of the Estonian Hound was no longer followed with particular care and attention.

General aspect

Medium sized hound, low on the limbs, corpulent, with an elongated and unexpectedly agile trunk, with an elongated muzzle and very long folded ears.


Rustic dog with friendly character. He hunted in moulting and when he was chasing prey he did not cease to bark in a hoarse and deep voice. He loved to live at home and in direct contact with the family. His behavior was friendly and undoubtedly affectionate towards the master and the children.

Estonian hound



The breed is not currently recognized by the International Federation. It seems that the specimens existing today have lost many of the characteristics of homogeneity and that the breed poses having been absorbed by the "Russian Hounds".

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