Face moisturizer

Face moisturizer

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Face moisturizer

Taking care of the skin of your body is very important so that it remains young and fresh for as long as possible. In particular, the skin of the face is the one most exposed to atmospheric agents and cold, since it remains uncovered even in winter. In order to keep her healthy and well-nourished, it is essential to use a good face moisturizer every day, possibly made with natural ingredients that do not risk becoming harmful to the skin. There are a large number of brands and face creams on the market, from perfumeries to pharmacies, but the best we can offer our skin is a natural moisturizer, purchased at a herbalist's shop or in a shop specializing in organic products, or, better yet, made by us at home. This way we can choose the most suitable ingredients for us and we will always know what is contained in our beloved moisturizer.

The ideal ingredients for a face moisturizer

But let's see specifically what are the ideal ingredients for the face moisturizer. On the web we can find numerous tips on which ingredients to use to obtain effective moisturizers. Meanwhile, we must keep in mind the reactions that each type of ingredient has in contact with the skin. For example, yogurt is an excellent natural thickener with strong emollient properties, while seasonal fruit serves to make the skin velvety. Extra virgin olive oil, thanks to its acidity very similar to that of our skin, has an emollient, protective and antioxidant function and is also a great ally against free radicals. Honey and beeswax have moisturizing, healing and nourishing properties. Avocado, a typical fruit of Central America but now widespread all over the world, is an excellent agent in the fight against wrinkles that worries many women who have passed a certain age. Do not worry, in short, nature offers us many possibilities to fight time and everything that tends to ruin the skin of our face.

How to make homemade moisturizer

The moisturizers that we find in perfumeries or pharmacies are often very expensive and contain chemicals which, in the long run, can lead to opposite effects to what one would expect from a moisturizer. If the saying that "self-help does for three" is true, then learn how to make your own moisturizer at home. There are so many recipes, from the simplest made with easily available ingredients, to the most complex where it is necessary to resort to the advice of an expert herbalist. Simply by putting two tablespoons of milk and one of olive oil in a vial you can obtain, after carefully shaking, an excellent moisturizer for the skin of the face. While if you want something a little more elaborate, with the help of the herbalist, just put together: olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, honey, essential oil of frankincense, essential oil of lemon and essential oil of lavender.In this way we not only naturally heal our skin, but also contribute to the protection of the environment.

Advice on face moisturizers

But how do you recognize a good and effective moisturizer? Here is a series of tips on face moisturizers. First of all, it must be borne in mind that all the advertisements that boast an immediate effectiveness of the cream are just a decoy. A truly effective moisturizer takes a few weeks to show the benefits of daily use. Secondly, when choosing the store in which to buy your cream, it is good to choose those that are equipped with testers in order to check the texture and effect on the skin. A good moisturizer is quickly absorbed by our skin and doesn't just have to form a protective layer. It must act on the cells of our body to stimulate them in the natural performance of their functions. Last but not least, the cream must guarantee a minimum of protection from the sun's rays. In any case, it is essential to ask for advice from more experienced people who know how to advise us based on our skin type.

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