Hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus flowers

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Main features of hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus flowers are well known in our latitudes and are mainly used as ornamental plants. It grows fairly quickly in shrub form and is perfect for creating unusual but highly decorative hedges. There are numerous variants and each of them differs in the shape of the flowers, in their color and in the size of the leaves. Hibiscus plants give abundant blooms in the hottest months of the year. It is an evergreen that was imported to Europe from Asia. The adult specimens reach significant heights but not in our latitudes. The flowers have a funnel shape and can be single or double. In the most cultivated species in Italy, the corolla has five petals while the stem column is more voluminous than the corolla.

Cultivation technique

Hibiscus is a plant that can be grown with some success in numerous types of soil. It grows well in both arid and very nutrient-rich soils but cannot stand low temperatures for long. Already at 13 ° C it begins to show the first evident signs of suffering. For this reason it is best to grow hibiscus in pots that you can shelter in a warm place during the coldest season of the year. Place the pot in a sunny spot if you want to get abundant blooms and water regularly during the summer. Before the spring vegetative restart, fertilize the soil with manure or, alternatively, with liquid fertilizer to be diluted in water as indicated on the package.

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Medicinal use

The hibiscus flower contains many active ingredients that are used both in the pharmacopoeia and in herbal medicine. Its petals are rich in anthocyanins which are extracted according to laborious processes. These substances are the basis of some drugs useful for lowering the concentrations of triglycerides in the blood and for lowering cholesterol. The same substances effectively protect the cardiovascular system and regulate hypertension. Other principles present in the flower regulate the production of insulin put into circulation by the pancreas, lowering the possibility of being affected by serious problems such as diabetes. By regularly drinking the infusions made with hibiscus flowers, you take high percentages of elements useful to regulate functions intestinal.

Hibiscus flowers: Uses of the hibiscus flower

The hibiscus flower is well known in Latin American countries both for its known beneficial properties and for its slightly acidic but aromatic flavor. It is used to make an infusion called carcadè and energizing juices. To make this drink, dried flowers are used in well ventilated but not sunny places. Carcadè has a diuretic and slightly laxative effect but if taken in moderate doses it can have an effect on the body that is completely comparable to that of caffeine. The hibiscus flower contains mildly disinfectant substances that can help soothe urinary tract infections. Some recent studies have highlighted how the active ingredients of hibiscus can help actively reduce cholesterol.

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