Breeds of canaries: Portuguese Harlequin

Breeds of canaries: Portuguese Harlequin

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Origin and history

Origin: Portugal.

Original name: Canario Arlequim Português.

Portuguese Harlequin (photo

Standard C.O.M.

Body: (shape) Long, thin and harmonious. Gingerly rounded at the chest evenly, close behind and aligned with the tail. Well proportioned wings compared to the body that end at the root of the tail. 20punti

Tuft, head and neck: Crest horn shaped tuft (2 angles on the back and a virtual one on the front), which descend from the top of the head and then fall symmetrically without covering the eyes and the beak. Long and thin, U-shaped seen from above towards the bottom. Beak strong and proportionate. Bright and visible eyes. 15 points

Color: Variegated and multicolored with the presence of a red mosaic design. Melanin and lipochromium proportionate in their distribution which give balance and homogeneity to the different colors. Artificial coloring is allowed. 15 points

Size: about 15 cm. 10 points

Plumage: Smooth, silky, bright and close to the body. 10punti

Position: Upright posture (55 ° angle). Raised body, always on alert, moves confidently. 10 points

Legs: Strong, long, slightly curved and preferably variegated, thighs clearly visible. 10 points

Tail: Long and thin, forked at the end preferably folded. 5 points

General conditions: i Clean and healthy. Good bearing and adaptability to the exhibition cage. 5 points

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