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Question: oleanders

in what period should the stem of the flower be removed.

best regards carlo

Answer: oleanders

Dear Carlo,

you can slightly prune your oleanders in autumn, or at the end of winter, by removing the tips of the stems that have flowered the previous year.

  • Oleander-leaved ficus - Ficus neriifolia

    Ficus neriifolia, also called f. with oleander leaves, it is a shrub or small evergreen tree, native to central-southern Asia; in nature the adult specimens are kept in size ...
  • Oleander - Nerium oleander

    Coming from the Mediterranean, oleanders belong to a genus of evergreen shrubs, cultivated mainly for flowering and foliage.Denomination: Nerium Oleander, oleandroFamigl ...
  • Desert rose, Madagascar oleander - Adenium obesum

    Caduciform plant with branched stems of brown color, with a swollen base, formed by both the roots and the stem, which has the task of storing water Adenium obesum, also known as "...
  • Oleander

    The oleander is a shrub typical of Mediterranean vegetation, it is widespread throughout Italy in cultivation, in the southern areas it is also present in the natural state; plant well known to enthusiasts ...

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